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Hyperandrogenic women treated with a continuous-regimen oral contraceptive

Published:October 16, 2013DOI:



      To investigate the effects of a continuous-regimen combined oral contraceptive (COC) on hyperandrogenic women.

      Study design

      This prospective study enrolled 52 women with moderate to severe hirsutism, as well as acne and seborrhea. Women were placed on a 192-day continuous regimen. To assess hirsutism, the modified Ferriman–Gallwey (mF-G) scoring system was used. Acne and seborrhea were defined by the Cremoncini scale. Serum FSH, LH, estradiol, total testosterone, FAI, DHEAS, androstenedione, SHBG and fasting insulin were measured at baseline and at the endpoint. One-way ANOVA was used to compare serum hormone levels and hirsutism scores at baseline with those obtained at the endpoint.


      A reduction of 78.5% in the mF-G scores was observed at the endpoint (p < 0.001). Women underwent improvement of acne and seborrhea, −58.7% and −56%, respectively (p < 0.001). An evident decrease in both total testosterone and FAI, and an increase in SHBG were shown (p < 0.001).


      A COC continuous-regimen improved the esthetic effect of hyperandrogenism.


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