Mucinous cystic borderline neoplasm of the mesentery treated by a gynaecological oncologist – a case report and literature review

      Mucinous cystic neoplasms (MCN) of the mesentery are rare tumours which are difficult to diagnose accurately preoperatively and carry a high risk of borderline malignant features, recurrence and malignant transformation. This is a case of a 37 years old female who was referred for management to a tertiary gynaecological oncology center for a suspected ovarian tumour and was found to have a borderline MCN, originating from the descending and sigmoid colon mesentery. There are seventeen documented cases of MCN in the literature prior to this report, nine of which were located in the mesocolon. This is the biggest borderline MCN of mesenteric origin reported so far and only the second case managed by a gynaecologist. We are also presenting a literature review of the cases reported in the past.