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Vaccination in pregnancy – The when, what and how?


      Immunization is a fundamental component of preventive healthcare. This gain special significance in pregnancy. Maternal antigen-specific IgG, is actively transported across the placenta during pregnancy. This significantly, contributes to infant immunity in the first few months of life. Vaccination during pregnancy has the potential to indirectly protect the most vulnerable infants during the first few months of life, when vaccine responses are generally poor and it is difficult to achieve rapid protection through immunization. This is especially relevant when there is prior exposure to infection in woman or vaccine administration. A vaccine given during pregnancy in these women would result in a booster response and a relatively high level of IgG protecting their children in initial few months of life. Passive antibody transfer from mother to fetus can protect fetuses from infection until their own immunization schedule is initiated.
      Lack of administration of appropriate vaccination to women during pregnancy lead to an increase in maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality from preventable infections like influenza, pertussis. Various preventable infections can lead to intensive care unit admission for mothers, preterm birth, and low birth weight babies.
      Recent covid pandemic has brought issue of vaccine use in pregnancy at forefront of all expectant mothers.
      Immunization with inactivated virus, bacterial vaccine and toxoids showed no evidence of adverse fetal effects.
      As a rule, live attenuated vaccines are not recommended in pregnancy.
      This paper gives snapshot of all vaccines, which can be used in pregnancy along with brief details regards various bacterial and viral infections , their common clinical features and effects on pregnancy outcome as well as fetus. This is will provide a useful guide for healthcare providers.


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